Galvanic and Hot-Dip Galvanizing

Cut-to-size wire mesh made of galvanized sheet metal does not have full corrosion protection, but only a pre-galvanized coating. The sheet metal has a factory-applied coating, but during cutting and stretching, the edges of the mesh openings are exposed to the thickness of the base material.

Therefore, we offer additional galvanizing after processing for cut-to-size pieces, sheets, and entire structures.

  • Galvanic zinc coating
  • Hot-dip galvanizing

Due to the possibility of the formation of dross and resulting partial loss of surface smoothness, we recommend hot-dip galvanizing for meshes with larger openings (above 20 x 10mm) and a minimum thickness of the base material of 1.50mm. Galvanic zinc coating does not cause this effect and can be performed for even the smallest openings. However, galvanic zinc coating provides inferior corrosion protection.